About us

Who We are

We are Interior Plus, redefining the taste of luxury at its finest every single day through the medium of interiors. Our roots take us back to 20 years in the timeline; hailing from Bangalore, we started off as carpentry and then constructed a factory in the year 2012. Since then we have been sailing high on diverse ventures. Since 2016 we have expanded our services and are trying our best to become a desirable interior designer & manufacturer for both the end customers & B2B markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread our wings of excellence in the interior and construction spectrum of India. The past 5 years of creating exceptional interiors for world-class companies helped us to prioritize our commitment to zero wastage in terms of effort and time.

Our Vision

In the world of compromises, we try our best to make none in terms of providing global standards and the best interiors. As a developing brand, we are working with top-notch companies and wish to generate creative ideas in the long go with modern and tasteful designs. Our vision is to make our clients lives feel great, cozier every single day.

B2B Venture

Working with colours, different spaces, designs, timelines, and budgets is a unique experience we excel at every single day. Connecting with the professionals, companies, individuals and discussing designs and completing the projects to perfection is what we have achieved in the past 5 years. Feeling very grateful for completing many B2B ventures and happy to have enough bandwidth to explore and work on many exciting projects.


We are breaking the stereotypes of interiors and creating a tradition of creative and luxurious interiors. We started with small projects and now bursting the clear myths of interiors by providing true value of design that are judged by simplicity and design. Currently, we are expanding and exploring our mettle by working on large scale projects of diverse ventures in the B2B market. With time, Our construction company also taking a robust shape with our 20 years of expertise.


We are introducing a transparent culture and one-of-a-kind experience to our customers. They are free to walk into our manufacturing facility at any given time of our working hours. Providing best in quality interiors helped us to follow this unique trait of allowing our customers to the factory or work place. Our signature service lies in transparent designs,